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The Benefits of Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

If you currently have a vented hot water cylinder, it can be a big change to swap to an unvented system. Unvented systems work differently and have different benefits, so keep reading this blog post to find out if it is the right system for you!

What is an unvented hot water cylinder?

Unvented hot water cylinders operate directly from the cold mains, meaning they can deliver water at mains pressure. This makes them a great option if you want to improve the performance of your bath or shower.

They do not require a cold water storage tank, unlike vented systems, so this is one less component you need to worry about. This is helpful if you do not have a lot of free space, as well as lowering the risk of any breakdowns or issues.  

You can heat your water directly, using an immersion heater, or through a range of indirect methods. If you have solar panels or other renewable energy sources, then these will be compatible and a great way to lower your energy bills. There is also the option to use multiple methods at once, which can be helpful.

Unvented cylinders need to be installed by a qualified team, such as ourselves, so why not get in touch today to arrange your free quote? Once installed, your cylinder should be serviced once a year to check everything is still running smoothly.

Benefits of an unvented hot water cylinder...

  • No need for a cold water cylinder, saving you space in your home
  • A good way to improve the power of your shower and/or bath without having to upgrade the appliances you currently have
  • Compatible with all forms of renewable energy, which is an ideal way to lower your energy bills or decrease your carbon footprint
  • The cylinder can be installed anywhere in your home, which isn't the case with a vented cylinder, as you have to consider the water tank

Looking to install an unvented hot water cylinder in Southampton?

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